Finnish Cabinet of Ministers proposes to allow diving to the sunken ferry Estonia

The Finnish government has proposed amending the law prohibiting diving with the sunken ferry Estonia for further investigation, according to the country’s justice ministry.

Earlier, the Finnish Ministry of Justice requested the opinions of all interested parties on these changes in the law, the deadline for which expired on April 29.

“The government proposes to temporarily amend the Law on Elimination of the consequences of the wreck of the passenger ship Estonia” A provision will be added to the law allowing the authorities to take the necessary investigative actions … The intention is to correctly clarify the damage on board (which follows) from the material released in the fall of 2020, ”the message says.

The change in the law will be temporary – from July 1, 2021 until the end of 2024.

The question of the loss of the ferry was raised again in connection with the documentary “Estonia – a find that will change everything” shown at the end of September last year. It, in particular, refers to the discovery in the hull of the vessel of damage measuring 4 by 1.2 meters, which was not previously mentioned.

The find confirms the version that the death of Estonia was caused not only by a failed and fallen off locking device, but also by a hole in the hull, which accelerated the crash.

The ferry Estonia sank in the Baltic Sea on the night of September 28, 1994. The vessel was on a regular voyage from Tallinn to Stockholm. The crash killed 852 people. The authorities of Estonia, Finland and Sweden recognized the crash site as a sea burial; the remains of the dead were not raised. Diving to the site of the tragedy is prohibited.