Finnair Warned Clients On Possible Solidarity Strike On Monday

Finnair Airlines has warned customers traveling on November 25 of a possible strike at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, the carrier said in a press release.

In Finland, from November 11, the strike of postmen working during the day continues. Repeated negotiations between the postmen and their employers led to nothing and came to a standstill. On Thursday, the issue of strike reached the government level. The resolution of the situation is the responsibility of the Minister of Local Government and Property Management of Finland Sirpa Paatero. The basis of the dispute is the transfer of postmen from one legal entity of the postal organization to another, and with it the transfer of postmen to another trade union.

In support of the striking mailers, a series of solidarity actions of other trade unions are being held. One of these solidarity actions will be the strike of the aviation industry union (IAU) on November 25th.