Finland’s per-capita net payments to EU nearly doubled last year to €105

Last year EU membership cost Finland about 105 euros per capita. The country paid 580 million euros more into the EU budget than it received out of it in direct compensations.

As one of the bloc’s more affluent member states, Finland has been a net payer into the EU since 2001, six years after it joined.

According to figures released by the Finnish Finance Ministry on Wednesday, net payment into EU coffers per Finn came to 105 euros last year, up from 50 euros in 2017.

That year the nation made net payments of 275 million euros to the bloc. However the ministry notes that the 2017 figure was historically low, and that last year’s payments marked a return to around the long-term average.

Last year’s payments corresponded to a quarter of a percent of Finland’s GDP, whereas 2017 the figure was 0.12 percent.