Finland will create a national hydrogen network

The Finnish government decided Wednesday to create a national hydrogen network in the country, according to the Ministry of Economy and Employment.
“Finland will create a national hydrogen network. On Wednesday, June 22, the ministerial committee on economic policy supported expanding the mandate of the wholly state-owned Gasgrid Finland Oy group to include hydrogen transmission infrastructure and the development of a related hydrogen market in Finland,” the report said.
Ambitious climate goals set by Finland and the EU, rising energy prices and the phasing out of Russian fossil fuels have accelerated the need to find new energy solutions, particularly emission-free, the ministry specifies.
In the future, Gasgrid Finland Oy’s strategic interests will include developing the transmission of hydrogen and its gaseous derivatives and hydrogen transmission infrastructure, as well as ensuring their uninterrupted and uninterrupted operation.
“Gasgrid’s hydrogen business is a great extension of the government’s strong energy policy. Hydrogen-based solutions allow us to reduce both emissions and the price of energy. At the same time, we are increasing our energy self-sufficiency. This discovery will bring Finland to the forefront of the hydrogen economy,” Finance Minister Annika Saarikko, who is responsible for managing Gasgrid’s property, was quoted as saying in the report.