Finland cuts the number of visa applications to Russia by half – MFA

The Finnish government approved the proposals of the country’s foreign ministry to reduce by half the number of applications for visas in Russia – up to 500 per day, according to the Finnish Foreign Ministry.
“The Foreign Ministry is limiting the daily number of visa applications that can be booked in Russia to half. On August 16, 2022, the government discussed the restriction of tourism from Russia and approved the relevant policy.
Russia currently registers an average of one thousand visa applications per day.
“From the beginning of September, the number will be limited to 500 per day. In addition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs determines time quotas for visa applications. 20% of all time is reserved for tourists and 80% for people traveling for non-tourism reasons.
Thus, from the beginning of September, an average of 100 applications per day will be opened for those applying for a visa for tourism purposes, which is 10% of the current number, the Foreign Ministry clarifies.
And an average of 400 applications per day for those who apply for a visa for other reasons, such as family or work reasons.
“Furthermore, Finland supports actions to reach the common EU line on Russian visa restrictions. Finland supports the complete suspension of the visa facilitation agreement between the EU and Russia, which would mean, for example, an increase in the visa fee from 35 euros to 80 euros.
The Government of Finland has instructed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to begin preparations for drafting a proposal for a national humanitarian visa and a report on national sanctions legislation.