Ferrari Rotenbergs can’t be found in Finland

Finnish authorities are looking for EU-sanctioned Ferrari sports cars owned by Roman Rotenberg and suspect the cars were taken out of the country, Helsingin Sanomat reported on Thursday.
In early April, the bailiffs seized two Ferrari 599 GTB Coupes, with an estimated value of 150,000 euros each.
“Authorities never found them, despite two months of searching…. and began to suspect that the Ferraris might have been smuggled out of Finland. Suspicions aroused, in particular, the fact that the agent of Boris Rotenberg promised on May 2 to clarify the whereabouts of the cars. The report was not received, ”the publication reports.
Both cars are registered in Finland, the registration numbers are included in the databases of law enforcement agencies and the movement of these cars on EU roads is difficult, the publication clarifies.
Roman and Boris Rotenberg have citizenship of Russia and Finland, the newspaper reports.
Earlier it was reported that in Finland, due to EU sanctions, the most diverse property of Russians and Russian companies, worth tens of millions of euros, from pleasure boats and yachts to freight cars and iron ore, was seized.