EU membership cost every Finnish resident € 141 in 2020

Finland continues to be a donor to the European Union budget since 2001, membership in which cost each Finnish resident € 141 in 2020, according to the country’s Ministry of Finance.
“Last year Finland paid the EU 781 million euros more than it received. The net payment increased for the second year in a row, when a year earlier (2019) it was 559 million euros. According to statistics from the European Commission, the net pay per resident was 141 euros per year, ”the statement says.

Net payment describes the difference between income received by an EU member state and payments made in the EU. The calculation does not take into account all the benefits of EU membership, such as the internal market and free movement.

In 2019, each Finn paid 101 euros to the EU budget.

In 2020, Finland’s relative contribution to the EU budget was 1.65% (1.63% in 2019). Finland paid a total of € 2.318 billion to the EU last year.

Income received by Finland from the EU has decreased, especially in the area of ​​agricultural financing (direct agricultural subsidies and agricultural development). However, about 53% of EU subsidies to Finland accounted for agricultural financing, the Ministry of Finance said.

The largest donors to the EU in terms of population are Denmark (€ 228 per person), Germany (€ 186) and Sweden (€ 184).

The largest per capita recipients in 2020 were Lithuania (€ 766 per capita), Estonia (€ 600) and Latvia (€ 579).