Energy companies in Finland, Sweden, Denmark urged Norway not to cut electricity supplies

Power grid companies in Finland, Sweden and Denmark Fingrid, Svenska Kraftnät and Energinet called on the Norwegian authorities to reconsider plans to limit electricity supplies to the Nordic market, according to a joint statement from the operators.
In early August, the Norwegian government announced plans to limit electricity exports to ensure the security of Norway’s supply. The decision could exclude cheap Norwegian hydroelectric power from the Nordic electricity market and raise already high electricity prices.
“We call on the Norwegian government to reconsider the situation and not impose restrictions on the export of electricity via interconnectors,” the statement said.
The operators fear that Norway’s decision could prompt other countries to consider similar restrictions and thereby cause a much greater negative effect on both the Nordic and European electricity markets.
Finnish Economy Minister Mika Lintilä said Tuesday that Norway’s decision is inconsistent with market mechanisms and will make the Kremlin “rumble with pleasure.”
“I’m sure the Kremlin would rumble with pleasure if this decision was made. It would totally play into the hands of (Russian President Vladimir) Putin,” Linthilä said in a commentary to Finland’s largest newspaper Helsingin sanomat.
Lintilä noted that according to his information, there is strong disagreement in the Norwegian government to accept the restrictions.
The issue of electricity supply restrictions is particularly sensitive in the context of sanctions imposed on energy supplies from Russia because of the attack in Ukraine.