Call to Strike in Iceland Approved by 88% of Workers

The overwhelming majority, or 87.6 percent, of members of BSRB – the Icelandic Federation of State and Municipal Employees – approve to go on strike, starting March 9, if a deal has not been reached by then, local media reports. The voting results were announced this morning.

About 8.1 percent of members oppose the strike, while 4.3 percent left an empty ballot.

Seventeen unions are members of BSRB and 15 of those approved the call to strike. Therefore, about 15,400 people will be participating in the strike.

In one of the unions, there was inadequate voter participation and in another, votes have yet to be counted.

A diverse group of employees in the public sector all over the country will be taking part in the strike, such as hospital workers at Landspítali National University Hospital and other health care workers, workers in social services, schools, preschools, and recreational centers. The strike will furthermore include workers at swimming pools, sports centers, and those who serve the disabled and the elderly.

BSRB union members have been without a contract since April 1, last year.