An international delegation will inspect the Russian military near Voronezh

The Finnish officer is part of a Swiss-led multinational group that will inspect military units near Voronezh, the Finnish Defense Forces said.
The inspection takes place from 19 to 21 May.
“Switzerland leads the multinational inspection in Russia in accordance with the 2011 OSCE Vienna Treaty on Confidence and Security. The inspection team includes a Finnish officer, ”the message says.
The requested inspection area is located near Voronezh and includes several military units and associated training grounds, the message says.
The purpose of the inspection is to ensure that no hostilities are taking place in the area being inspected, which, in accordance with the Vienna Treaty, should have been notified in advance, the Defense Forces clarified.
The Finnish military clarifies that inspection activities are part of routine arms control. Similar checks are carried out in Finland several times a year, and Finland conducts similar checks in other member states, the report said.