Advance voting in European elections begins on Wednesday

Advance voting in the elections to the European Parliament begins on Wednesday 15 May. The advance voting period in Finland lasts for a week, so the last day for advance voting is Tuesday 21 May.

Abroad, advance voting is arranged between 15 and 18 May. At some polling stations, however, the voting period is shorter than this.

Voters must present some form of official photo ID both when voting on election day and when voting in advance, for example a passport, an identity card or a driving licence. The old cardboard driving licence will also be accepted as proof of identity, if the voter can be identified from the photo and the election official can thus reliably verify the identity of the voter. Voters who do not have a valid proof of identity can obtain a temporary identity card free of charge from the police for voting purposes.

There are a total of 910 advance polling stations in Finland. They are located, for example, at town halls, libraries, shopping centres and post offices. Every Finnish citizen who has reached the age of 18 no later than on election day, irrespective of his or her place of residence, is entitled to vote. However, if a Finnish citizen has registered to vote in the European elections that are held in some other EU Member State, he or she is not entitled to vote in the European elections in Finland. Similarly, citizens of other EU Member States who reside in Finland may vote in the European elections held in Finland, if they have registered to vote here.